Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hold me and do not leave me...

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…he dropped down on his knees.  Don’t leave me.  I will be a nothing without you Tears ran down his cheeks.  I love you but I have to leave she said.  I have nothing to hold other than you, my love.  This cannot be the punishments for my mistakes, it is better I drop dead he said placing her hands to his chest.  He could feel the shivering, pain and love in her touch. 

I could feel the love in your touch and fear in your shivering.  You give me your love I will wash your fears away.  I will pamper you in my palms, take you in my arms, kiss you like a flower, and make love like rain and the earth. You will carry our dreams in womb and I will nurse you like your mother; will kiss you and tap you to sleep.  After you sleep I will kiss your belly for my girl inside you to sleep.  Let us bring our off springs to this world; a girl, in mixture of your beauty and my skills, who you will love you the most but stay always by my side. And three years later, a boy with all the naughtiness of yours and my complexion. You will give him all your skills and your voice to my girl.  For me and our children you will be our world, you will rule us like a queen of our magical island.  Sometimes we may fight and stay without talking.  My girl will peep in and pull us together and kiss us together.  We will kiss her back.  And without her knowledge I will try to kiss you by that time your boy will jump in and block us.  We four will cuddle together.  Your anger and my irritation will disappear in the love our children. Some day you might fall sick, may be with temperature.  My girl will give you tablet and your boy will lie next to you to hug you and cry.  You will sleep on my lap.  After our children sleep, I will embrace you with all my love and fear and take the illness to my body. When your temperature comes down you will crawl over me and lie down on my chest to listen to my heart beats.  I will caress your dense hair and will say ‘love you, my dear’.  You will kiss my chest.  In the sound of our talk our children will wake up and crawl to us.  My girl will sleep to my right and your naughty boy over you. I will make you all three sleep.  ‘I will protect and will live only for you three’ I will whisper in your ears. ‘I know my lovely husband’ you will murmur in your half sleep.

When I start to office my girl in her school uniform will come and kiss me to say a bye.  And when I call your boy to give me a kiss he will drag me down and byte me on my cheeks just as you do when I ask you a kiss.  I will make sure you eat your breakfast before I leave to break your habit of eating late.  In my lunch I will call you to taste your voice along with the food you packed for me.  You and my girl will sing for me when I am home and your boy will hang on your neck when you sing.

I know our marriage life is not complete until I support your passion.  ‘Your passion is sleeping in the cupboard my darling.  Take it back in your hand.  I can manage my work and our children go out and live your passion.  Once I am published as a writer I can stay back in home completely and take care of our children. You have magic in your hands go out and swirl your wand’ I will tell you.

Sometimes I take leave from work just to be with you alone.  After our children leaves to school we will cook together, I will make you sit on my lap and feed you, and you will feed me.  I will take it directly from your mouth the piece you are eating; will lift you in my arms to bed. ‘Hello dear, we planned only for two’ you will giggle.  ‘O! Really I don't remember’ I will close your lips with mine.  We will live for our children.  We will grow older together and die together.  And…

Tears rolled down on her cheeks.  I have to leave She said.  He became silent. 

Holding her hand to his chest in a hand he grabbed the dagger out of its scabbard from his waist. Hold this he said handing the dagger in her hand that was over his chest.  Are you sure you want to leave me He asked.  She nodded.  It is painful to hear it from you, my love.  Kill me and leave me he said.  She tried to move back but he pulled her by hand.  Placing the dagger exactly over the beating heart he pushed it inside.  In the sudden shock his heart beats raised but the puncture that the dagger had made slowed it down.  The beats slowed, slowed and slowed I love you he murmured; the heart stopped.  He dropped dead on her feet. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015


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Those little lips sweetened his cheeks.  She poured the purest form of love from her mouth on his cheeks.  Though it is wet he didn’t want to wipe for not even a tank of elixir could be an alternative for those few drops of her saliva.  He closed is eyes but she wanted him to open.  She pinched his eyes lashes with her minuscule fingers and opened his eyes.  Once she could see his eyes opened she smiled.  He opened both of his eyes to see her laughing.  In joy she tried to eat his cheeks with her gums.  Love over flowed from his eyes and wetted his cheeks mixing with the elixir she poured.  However long she played with him she never gets tired and how much ever love she showers on his cheeks he never gets contented. 

Her tiny fingers touched his lips and pinched it to open; he has become a play thing for her and just like a living doll he knows when to respond and when to stay without moving.  She tried to crawl over his chest; he turned a little from his lying posture to help her climb on his chest.  Climbing his chest after hard trails now her accessibility to his face became easier; he lowered downed his breath as she is sitting on his bosom and he is afraid that a little heavier sigh could roll her down.  As if she found a fruit that she lost she bent down and bit his chin with her gums.  Slowly she claimed down to sit on his belly; to lie on his bare chest.  For few seconds she didn’t move as if she is listening to music of his love, the rhythm of his heart.  He started to tap on her back softly in a regular rhythm so that she could sleep.  

In the rhythm of his tap she slept and in rhythm of her breath over his chest he slept.  Few minutes passed and that happened.  The dam of euphoria broke, the destination of his birth is achieved, the moment he is happy to die; he experienced.  He took his mobile which he placed little far from his sleeping daughter and called his better half that is in kitchen.  She has cut the call and came with her lovely voice ‘hey man we have got a kid and you still want me to be with you all the time’.  With a finger on his lips ‘sshhhh…’ he gestured.  ‘What darling’ she whispered in husky tone.  ‘Look at her, see what she is doing’ he said and pulled his wife’s hands.  She bent down to her daughter’s face and laughed.  ‘sshhhh… don't make noise she will walk up’ he said.  ‘Hey she is hungry she thought its mine, it has been three hours since I fed her’ She replied.  As if hearing the voice of God she got up from sucking her dad’s nipple, sat down on his belly and smiled at her mother and lifted her hands towards her.   ‘You will come to me only when you are hungry…’  she murmured lifting her girl in her arms. 

Hey darling, come here for a minute’ he whispered and pulled her by hands.  Once she neared him he tapped her at her lower back.  ‘Idiot, see she is looking at us don't touch me’ she giggled.  ‘Hey only because I touched you she is seeing us now’ He said and laughed.  She pinched him on his lips and tried to walk.  ‘Thank you darling’ he shouted.  ‘For what’ she turned and asked.  ‘I felt like flying, I felt like a mother, I felt like I was in heaven, I felt like I saw God and this is all because of you my dear.  The best thing happened to me in my life - you.  Thanks for coming into my life. Thanks for carrying my life in you and delivering the gift of your love in my hands.’  He said with happy tears on his eyes.  She walked closer to him, bent down, touched his bare chest and whispered ’thanks for giving me such a wonderful pride that I carry in my hand and fed her my love’ and kissed him on his lipsShe went inside the room to feed her baby.  ‘Hey do you need help...’ he shouted.  ‘I will kick you out if you come inside the room…’ she giggled.  He wiped his tears and closed his eyes and murmured ‘Thanks God!’

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gift of Love...

He was on his laptop putting his thoughts into words, waving romance in sentences, coalescing dreams in characters.  She walked slowly near by, shall I sit she asked.  He moved his laptop away and said, come. He pulled her by her hands slowly.  She sat on his lap and leaned back over him.  You still need to gain wait he said clutching her hands with a soft kiss on her back.  Hmmm… once she grows more inside me I will gain wait automatically she said surfing her abdomen.  If she has to grow healthy you need to eat well, should be healthy only then she will grow well he whispered on her hear.  Mmmm… I will.  You just be with me the same way you are now I will be healthy, no matter what comes I will sustain she replied to his mild kiss on her cheek. 

…it feels wonderful to carry two hearts in same body.  Thanks for making me proud my husband.  She giggled.  Just two! No it is three he said.  You mean you want twins… she asked him still leaning back over him.  No, my dear wife, I mean my heart too… it’s just that you could not hear its beats inside you but it is within you He kissed her on her other cheek.  Let me be like this always, on your lap, over your chest, in the warmth of your love, in the lust of your kiss, in the comfort of your arms.  Let me be this way life long she said in her smooth and soft voice closing her eyes.  Yes you can my dear until my little girl comes to this world and sit on my lap and tell you to move away from her dad he said and smiled.  I know she will be dad’s girl, but remember our second child will be a boy and he will be a mom’s boy and he will not allow you to come near me she giggled.

Boys are always mom’s kids and I know he will be as naughty as you but my girl will be like me.  She will take care of her brother and also me.  She will become a writer like me and you boy will be like you; doing all mischievous activities he said and bit her ear.  Hmmm... They will be glad to get a dad like you she said.  No, they are very glad to get a mom like you, the best love on this planet He said tightening his grip over her.  Are you not feeling sleepy?  Come, I will take you to bed He said.  Let me sleep here, on you.  I am comfortable here she said taking his hand over her abdomen.  Caressing his offspring inside her abdomen he said, Hmmm… okay both of you sleep then; even I am comfortable holding both of my children.

Minutes passed.  Take me to bed. I don't know if your girl will be comfortable in this position for long hours she said still with her eyes closed.  He lifted her in his arms and carried her to bed carefully. He put her on bed and moved away.  Hey my husband, come here she called mischievously.  Tell me, my wife he neared her.  She held her hand and pulled him near her.  Be with me, hug me and don't leave me.  I want more love, more warmness of your arms, more acoustic of your heart beats.  Don't move away please She pleaded.  He lied next to her with his arms over her, looking at her beautiful face glowing with the light of motherhood.  Thank you mister husband she giggled.  I don't want your lips chanting thanks He said.  Then what do you want? She asked.  Mmm.. I want that lips that chanted thanks He said with a kiss on her lips.  Thanks again she said and smiled.  Oh! You want one more He said and kissed her again.

The lights are still on, television was not switched off, fan in the living room is still running; they both were cuddled hesitating to move an inch from each other.  Until my girl jumps in between us we can be like this he said with his eyes closed.  Soon she will jump between us and push you away she said and bit his chin…

Saturday, July 4, 2015


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I was on my knees, with my shunted eyes and little uplifted face, as if meditating, I let my anguish flow from my eyes to water the well grown beard.  With no hope that someone will wipe my tears I stayed without moving.  Chilled breeze scorched my cheeks.  I stayed on my knees to apologize to all the million mistakes I made.  My lips fluttered in the hope of her kiss but dried in the fumes of longing fuss.  I tried and tried and tried hard to stop the fumes or at least the sprinkle of emotion that my eyes poured out. 

I felt a soft touch of fingers caressing my hair.  The climate changed.  The breeze no longer hurt me. Instead of putting a stop to my tears my eyes poured out more emotions out, it poured out all that my heart was holding – longings.  I felt she was standing before me caressing my hair with her fingers.  She stopped me from opening my eyes when I was about to open.  I want to see you, I said. You could see me even with your eyes closed, can’t you? She replied.  I have no answer; I stayed with my eyes closed as I could see her.  She came closer to me, I leaned on her waist.  She clutched my head to her waist to feel her, to feel the love of her for me.  I grasped her hips in my arms as tighter as I could in the fear of losing her.  I kissed her on her hip. 

How many hours I held her like that I do not know.  I felt happy like a toddler, euphoric like a new mother, carefree like a saint, and safe like a fetus in amniotic.  My angel, make me a cloud I will pour my love on you, drink me so that I could live in every cell of your.  My Ishtar, blow me in air so that I will cuddle with your breath and get inside your heart.  My love, burn me with your light so that I could get in to the valley of your eyes.  Let me become at least a line in the wrinkle of your lips so that I could stay kissing you when ever you stay silent. My love, you entered my heart and locked from inside, I neither know if there is an exit but I lost the key. 

Slowly like a petal of a flower blown by a slow wind, she came down without giving up the space between us. I eased my clutch for her heart to meet my heart.  I grasped her again to fasten my beats to talk to her heart.  Her soft palms wiped my tears out.  Somebody threw a world’s softest flower on my cheeks, first on the right then on the left.  I took seconds to realize that she kissed me. When I was back from the heaven, as I was blown away with her lips, I wanted to say thanks.  When I was about to open my lips to say thanks she closed it with her lips.  I spoke to her all the unspoken love without parting our lips.  A melancholic silence prevailed.  We didn’t allow even the breeze to pass in between us.  The blowing wind spoke to us in our ears, give me some space between you so that I can walk though, and ease your clutch so that I could feel shy no more.  Do not think that only humans can feel this romance, I am part of you humans.  We ignored its words and continued our heart to heart dialogue.  Love has no time or space.  We stayed together for centuries. 

It felt strange when her beats became faster and faster.  Is it time to part!  My fear increased my heart rate as if it was ready to tear my chest to jump out.  In fear I tightened my clutch, intensely kissed her.  Slowly my euphoria drowned away, the feel of being in amniotic faded away.  Like the darkness paints the twilight with night I felt I was grabbed by darkness.  She disappeared from my arms.  It felt like being in fire.  I slowly opened my eyes to see what has happened, I was dark all around.

I closed my eyes and bent down to pray to the almighty to bring her back.  I heard the wind laughing in my ears…  

Saturday, March 28, 2015


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The acoustic of aroma of her femininity was too loud, thus making me a man of capable of not hearing.  Some dogmas of life acted as hearing aid but the shadow of light – my eyes – demolished those lines of belief.  Her countenance flourished in the day light to make my eye lids act against the gravity.  I learnt that the aroma could conduct electricity when a high voltage current of emotion ran through my spine stopping all the neural veins to pass the senses to the brain.  Her enigmatic body made my mind stroll in the pitch dark forest in a full moon day, eyes grabbed everything but with trepidation.  I prayed her to walk away to keep my decorum in place but my hormones played a tough game against me to keep my mouth shut.  The shiver spread all over my body suppressing the activities of my brain to transport me to a world of trance.
Every time I commute to that fantasy world I pull myself back to my own place.  But, every time I pull myself back she pulls me from the others side.  She pulls me hard holding my sight as a rope.  She takes my shivering hands and places one on her cheeks that which feel like the feathers of the pigeon.  She finds the other hand waiting for her hands.  She takes the other too and places it on her hip.  The virtual softness chills down my blood, pumps my bosom high and my heart turns to be a hammer to hit the rib cage to break it and come out to see her.  So strong was the fragrance of her feminine nature, so strong to heat up the life long hidden desire, so strong to crack the vessel of opposite gender.

Desire is like water in a container with lid.  It is capable to blow off the lid when it is heated to the boiling point.  Her fragrance started heating my desire, my long hidden desire that I poured in my heart container.  Now I am afraid that it is going to blow of the lid of my heart and pour out my desire.  She didn't seem to be shaken or sullen with the touch of my hands but moved like a stream of water that fills the duns with pleasure. Deep inside her eyes I saw my desire, the reflection of my longing, destruction of my chastity.  Where is her feelings and her desires? She hides in her smile! I neared her without urgency though I know the virtual world of trance could suffer a tremor anytime and could break into pieces.  I neared her lips; I felt her warm breathe over my lips, her eyes still looking deep inside my eyes without any fear.  She moved my hands to her neck from her cheeks, my finger slid like a feet placed in frozen lake and my desire like an avalanche.  I slightly increased my grip of my hand she closed her eyes and lifted her chins for me to kiss.  I moved my hands over her hip she neared me a little to make me feel her bosom.  A high voltage shock spread all over my body, the surrounding was lit with a powerful beam of light blocking everything from eyes.  Just the emotion and her softness was all I could see and feel.  She moved her hands to the back of my head and tightened her embrace.  She melted me like an ice cube in the hot sun.   I was torn in her clutch; my heart beat reached a speed that of its max and stopped.  I closed my eyes to take all of her inside.  She entered in, my nerves busted, brain dead, blood frozen, my desire blew the lid off, my vessel cracked when I was sailing in the mid sea.  I was lost.  There was no question, no answer, no me, no she, no love, no god, no desire, no life.  Every thing was just and still – the enlightenment.  Then the tremor struck the trance world to smash it to pieces and pieces.   I opened my eyes.  There is no me, no she, no trance. Every thing vanished in time. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015


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…the deity of patience, the feminine face of courage and power, a strongest but softest female born on this earth – Sita – walked slowly in the trodden path.

            One good place, where the early morning breeze caressed her face and made her long hair to dance to the song of the birds and replenished her suffering heart, she stopped and paused her walk.  Her soul-mate, Rama, stopped too to see what made his wife stop.
            The deity overlooked her path that enfolded before her.  The surrounding was all good, with singing early morning birds, aromatic welcoming flowers, holy water running towards her destination with enchanting music and filling the duns with water to fulfill the wishes of the mother earth.  The soulful igniter of earth, the mater of all sources of power, the Sun, slowly raised at the long distance horizon like a gold coin tossed from the sea.  The wind was mild and joyful.  The apes jumped from tree to another and celebrating the moment for no reason.  The snakes moving hear and there felt no fever even after looking at the strangers in their place as if they felt they all where true humans that will hurt none.

            In spite of all magical surrounding, Sita found her path before her filled with stones and thorns.  She already felt the pang she is going to endure.  At the end of the road she saw the light, the masterful Sun glowing.  She smiled at the light at the end of her path but the smile didn't last for long.  Suddenly the burning ball looked like a pyre ball to her.  She smiled again, now, without joy in her countenance as if she understood her destiny.

            Rama looked at her to say “my dear goddess, deity of patience, I have told you the path is not so easy to walk.  Since you have married me it is not mandatory to you to walk on the same trodden path that I walk.  I know it hurts you but know this; it hurts me more than you”

            Sita walked near her husband “I could have stayed in the palace, slept in the softest of soft bed, ate sweetest feeds and enjoyed all the luxuries that a princess deserves but what could a veena sing when its strings are removed” she continued, “what could just breathing can do to a body that has no soul in it”.  She looked into her husband’s pure countenance and felt the purity and love he has for her.

            Every woman born on this planet carries a part of Sita, the deity of patience and endurance, in fact the whole of Sita. They have to undergo a test of patience at some point of time in their life in order to bring out the glitter in them, which is hiding inside.  Sita knew she has to undergo a great test that which will bring out the native nature of femininity – the purity.  What makes difference between the palace and the forest, for Sita and for all Sitas’ it is the presence and absence of Rama.  

            Sita walked on the thorns and stones with her rosy feet which ached but not more than her breeze hearth which ached for the sorrows of her husband.  When Rama walked like a Sun, Sita followed him like a Moon.  Though Sun does everything, moon is always enchanting.  It’s the Moon; its beauty makes anybody a lunatic.  Sometimes lunatic people destroy themselves and sometimes they try to destroy the Moon itself.  After long agony the dusk covered the eyes of the Sun and in that dense forest of poisonous trees Sita lost her light and fell on the lap of the earth and slept.

O! Everyone on the Earth,
Sita knew her destiny, but
She believed her husband would make it tiny.
Darkness covered his eyes, and
Sita’s purity and sanity became lies.

O! Everyone on the Earth,
Do not test the pure honey,
It requires not of preservatives any.
            Sitas’ of this earth are just not flames,

They are the source of the fire, do not be lame.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A colorless flower

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Slowly the light faded, the night covered his heart, no sign of stars even.  In that pitch dark, under the shadow of the night, a sapling that has grown inside that was watered for days and nights and well preserved has sprouted a flower, a colorless flower, which cannot be seen in dark, cannot be seen in the winter, and cannot be seen by most of the beings. This flower, most of the time, fades and withers on the cotton before the light comes.  And being colorless it fades away from others eyes too, only the sapling and gardener knows its existence and exhaustion. When he closed his eyes the flower withered on his cheeks. The image of converting his words in printed papers, his long-lasting dream, flashed his eyes.  He knows a little courage and confidence will one day make his dream come true. But what could seed that courage and confidence in his heart is something he doesn't know.  The dream of somebody holding his heart, as coalesced words, in hands to read and appreciate watered the sapling in his heart and the colorless flowers dropped one by one on his cheeks. 

The longing for the light, the true light which could give colors to those flowers, swayed the solitude cradle and oiled his dark flames.  The fumes of the pangs made him suffocate as if somebody clutched his throat.  Be it whatever, he kept is heart beat and sapling grow in a belief that one day he will reach an oasis in this deserted life.

When he has missed an angel that flew from up above to take him to heaven he made all his love for the angel into words.  He wrote all those words sitting on a sea shore where he saw a mermaid that soothed his heart.  Without thinking about what is inside the sea he jumped into it along with mermaid.  He enjoyed until he reached the deep mid sea where in he found it’s the world for mermaids.  He is an odd man there.  He wanted to drink all the salt water to make the place for him.  When his stomach was full he learnt he neither could drink the entire sea nor take the mermaid to land, only one can survive.  It is water everywhere but not a drop of fresh water to drink.  Thirst made him to die for water.  To die in sleep is bliss but to sleep while throat hurts and longs for a drop of fresh water is painful.  In the urge of putting is thirst off he swam to the shore leaving mermaid in her place.  In love, the mermaid often tried to pull him into the sea forgetting it is not the place for him and he is not ready to die; mistake of the designer.

A minuscule lamp will lit is night but he neither had lamp nor strength to light.  The light has become a far destination and to walk to it, he thought, requires some help.  God helps that who are incapable of helping themselves and that is why he was left unattended by Him for a long time.   And when another flower withered on his cheeks a soft hands touched his forehead and wipe away his tears.  He refrained from opening his eyes and the urge to pull that hand closer and burry his head in her bosom raised high in his heart.  He thought the day has come, light has come, Sun has raised and darkness was swept away.  He pulled her hands to make her closer and open his eyes…

It was still dark.  No sign of light.  Sun has not shown up yet.  The expedition has not reached an oasis.  She has not come yet… Not yet…  

He again closed his eyes and a flower withered on the cotton.